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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 4 Review

Everyone’s favorite teen witch is back and actually doing pretty amazing if you ask me. Season 4 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina finally aired on December 31 2020. If you’re anything like me, you stayed up all night just to watch the final 8 episodes of this pretty iconic show. Here are my thoughts on some of the major plot points in the season. SPOILER WARNING! 

Nick and Prudence 

I absolutely hated this plot point with all my being. Nick and Sabrina and Ambrose and Prudence are so much better at being couples than this mixup. Having Prudence go after Nick especially when she knew about everything that happened with Sabrina just did not seem in her character whatsoever. It might have been season 1 Prudence but not season 4. They were just such an awkward and convenient couple that had no right being there at all.  

Sabrina and the gang

Sabrina coming clean to Roz and telling her that she misses hanging out with them and that it felt like they changed but then Roz telling Sabrina that she really changed, hit home with me. It was a really sad thing to see that Sabrina felt that lonely and out of the loop with her friends. I wish that the writers either left this part out completely or played on it a little more because I feel like it was never really brought up again and then just kind of resolved itself. 

Two Sabrinas 

I didn’t think I was going to love this as much as I did. I didn’t like the idea of two Sabrina’s last season but they really made it work this season. I thought it was cute that Sabrina had herself to be her own best friend and I really do wish everyone else would have been able to be ok with them meeting up and being friends. Not much on that one but I just thought their friendship was really wholesome and well written. 

Sabrina and Edward Spellman

I feel like a MAJOR plot point of this entire series was how much Sabrina loved her parents and how much she wished she could have met them. This season gave us an episode where she could do JUST THAT! While it was inevitable that she was going to spill the beans to her dad that he had been dead the past 16 years, Sabrina was just wanting to actually connect with her father. Kind of understandably, Edward freaks out and tries to stab her and she just loses all interest in him at all. At the end of that same episode, she says something along the lines of “He wasn’t really my father. Not really.” She literally had a freaking picture of her parents framed on her bedside table and just because of one bad interaction (which she was warned would happen if she brought up that he was dead) she gave up on him.

Nick and Sabrina

Look I love “Nabrina” just like everyone else and yes they should be together but their relationship this season was literally all over the place. They start off the season not even speaking and then all of the sudden, Nick tells her how much he loves and misses her. It was just a very strange and out of the blue thing to do with the characters and I would have loved to see them actually build up their relationship again. Their relationship seemed very much based off of sex (which at the time we didn’t know if Sabrina Spellman or Morningstar was going to have to go to the other universe so they could’ve just had a one night thing) up until the very last like 10 minutes of the show. 

The Weird Sisters

THEY DESERVED SO MUCH BETTER THAN WHAT THEY GOT. I have never cried my eyes out more than when I did when Dorkus has to leave. That pain HURT me so much and I felt for Prudence and Agatha. I loved how Agatha became sane again as soon as she talked with Dorkus but the pain in her voice when she realized that she killed her last season was unbearable. All three of them did amazing this season and I really do wish we got to see their growth a little more in past seasons. I wasn’t a huge fan that Roz just so happened to also be a witch this whole time because I felt like that defeated a lot of her previous character development but I did love how well she fit in with Agatha and Prudence. Although she will never replace Dorkus, she was a good addition to the trio this season.  

Sabrina’s Death

I’m actually really surprised that they killed her off. It was also a time where I cried my eyes out because it was very well scripted and filmed. Her flashbacks and her goodbyes to everyone literally broke my heart into pieces. I do think that Sabrina deserved better and I honestly would have loved to see the show continue but if they had to end it, I’m glad they gave her a death that suited her. Sabrina’s whole character revolved around helping people and saving those who needed to be saved. With that in mind, it was very much in her character to sacrifice herself in order to save literally millions of people. I’m glad that she ended up happy in the end with Nick by her side but I feel horrible for everyone that she left behind. 

Overall, I really did love this last season on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. I think it’s a worth wild show to get into and I will definitely be rewatching from the beginning very soon.

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