Cheer up, we've got pick-me-ups for you, buttercup!

Ever feeling so down in the dumps that you’re unsure of what to do? Everyone has certain times when life just hits them too hard, and they may feel sad or mildly depressed for a longer period of time than expected. Whether it'd be a hard breakup or emotional burdens weighing on our shoulders, these moments typically affect us the most and many people let them take control over their lifestyle. It is toxic to allow these negative feelings to outweigh the positive feelings, since it should really be the other way around. Honestly, there's no need for all of that negativity since there will be a brighter side to these moments of time, and others are always willing to help, in any way possible. Reaching out to others should be the first thing to do in this type of situation, and remember that instead of not doing much of anything and thinking how to feel better later, think about how to feel better now. Hopefully these pick-me-up ideas will help turn your frown upside down and realize that your own happiness is much more important than anything else!

1) Discover Inspirational Quotes

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Getting lost in a good book, reading different forms of poetry or song lyrics can all help to raise your spirits. The most simple lines or phrases might touch your heart and promote a positive mindset, as well.

2) Make hot tea, coffee, or hot cocoa

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"Happiness is a warm mug", metaphorically speaking but powerfully mood boosting. This may seem silly, but drinking hot beverages does prove to enhance one's day right from the start.

3) Calling your Family & Friends 

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Nothing is better than hearing the voices of people you love most, so dialing up your friends and family to tell them what's on your mind will help ease the pain.

4) Disconnect from Social Media

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Scrolling through Instagram and Snapchat stories watching others live their life won't help you live your own. Do something wonderful for yourself and live in your moments.

5) Try a New Hobby

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Painting, dancing, roller blading, the amount of new hobbies are endless! Going out of your comfort shell to try something new and learning if it suits you is apart of finding what makes you happy.

*Remember: sometimes you need the bad days because they truly help you appreciate the good ones, AND you've survived 100% of your worst days, look at that!