Chance The Rapper Absolutely Killed the Grammy's

Congratulations to Chance! The 2017 Grammy’s Award show left Chance the Rapper fans on edge. We were all thinking the same thing: please let him win! There was one overarching aspect that made him different from the other nominees. He is not signed to any record label. This fact is inspiring to many of people who are trying to become artists

Tonight, Chance won three awards: best new artist, best rap album, and best rap performance. As a long-time Chance fan, finally seeing him achieve such great strides as an artist is truly amazing. Every time they announced his name as a nominee I felt as if I had stopped breathing, then when he finally won, I let out a giant sigh of relief. It’s refreshing to see an artist put so much time and effort into their music and be recognized for their achievement.

Now let’s talk performance. Blessings were falling into his lap all night and his performance was defiantly a blessing for all of us . Hearing the vocals from “How Great” sent immediate chills down my back. The verse in this song is so powerful and seeing him perform it live was so inspiring to watch. Then he went on to sing bits from “Blessings”, “No Problem”, and ended “All We Got”. The last line of the song is an important one in relation to the Grammy’s which was “Music is all we got.”

Chance has worked so hard, inspired so many, and has achieved so much. He deserved every nomination and every award. I am happy to call myself a Chance the Rapper fan. Congratulations lil Chano we all knew you can do it.