Bingeworthy Shows

I know we're all finishing way too many netflix series lately. You're probably thinking, "What should I watch next?" I'm here to tell you. 

  1. 1. Ozark 

    Ozark is a funny, dramatic, and suspensful show that you'll want to finish in one day. Jason Bateman a.k.a. Marty Byrde gets roped in with some bad people which leads to his whole family getting involved with money laundering. My favorite character of the show is Ruth who's played by Julia Garner. She is a serious bad a** who, if you're like me, will grow a soft spot for about half way through the first season. I suggest pacing yourself because it is SO good, but there's only three seasons and the fourth season is predicted to come out in 2021. You can watch this on netflix. 

  2. 2. Good Girls 

    Good Girls is hilarious and has a unique plot. While this show also involves some money laundering, the women in this show stumbled into it while only trying to commit a simple crime of robbing a grocery store for about $30,000. They were in for a huge surprise when they got home and discovered there was about 15x more than that. Three best friends who thought this would be a one time thing to help pay for their bills soon regretted their decision. You can watch this on netflix or hulu. 

  3. 3. Money Heist 

    I'm only a few episodes into the first season of Money Heist and I'm absolutely hooked. I have never seen such impressive organized crime played out by vicious criminals who I also feel bad for. You slowly get to know the back story of the different characters involved which gives so many layers to the plot. You can watch this on netflix. 

  4. 4. Shameless

    Shameless has been around for a while, but it is still so good. The Gallaghers are not like any other family on a TV show you've ever seen. There's also nine (9) seasons! So if you need a show to keep you occupied for more than only a few seasons, definitely check this out. It's especially good if you're from the Chicago area and might recognize some of the filming locations. You can watch this on netflix. 

  5. 5. Catfish

    If you love some good ole reality television with cringey people on it, Catfish is the show for you. Nev and Max help people find out if they're being catfished or not and meet the person they've been talking to online. This an oldie but a goodie for GOOD trash television. This show is exclusively on hulu I believe. 

  6. 6. New Girl 

    When I first watched New Girl, I was not expecting to love it as much as I do. It is hilarious and entertaining. Every character grows on you, and who doesn't love watching the beautiful Zooey Deschanel?! This is a great feel good comedic series to watch. 

  7. 7. Criminal Minds

    Criminal Minds has been my favorite crime show for years. It is also a bit more graphic than some of the others on TV, but the plot of each episode is so good. They're all different and keep me interested. The underlying long plot of the whole series is good as well, but you can definitely skip around and watch whatever episode you want.