A Better Year

A Better Year

Well guys, 2016 happened. We can’t rewind, we can’t undo, we have to just understand that it happened and there’s nothing we can do. At this point, we have been through so much. All we can do now is be optimistic for the New Year. Being optimistic might be hard for some to do right now, but it is a new year and we will make it better than the last. Here are ways that we can make this New Year more of a hopeful one:


You can be more vocal.

Now is the best time to stand up and raise your voice, no matter the issue. As a result, being more vocal in 2017 can lead you to meeting new people who share similar views. It is empowering standing up and letting your opinion be heard without caring what people think. Additionally, it has become evident that 2017 has been filled with people standing up for their rights. What do you want to be vocal about?

So much new music.

There is rumored to be new, great music coming out this year. Lorde should be coming out with a new album, which will be her first one since 2013. A new album that will also be hitting the shelves this year is by the ultimate power house singer, Christina Aguilera. To be honest, I am most excited for her music. Also, Drake is planning on making new music this year, let’s see if he can top his last viral hit, “Hotline Bling.”


Having more hope.

One thing to be looking forward to this year is the hopefulness that will come over you. If 2016 really beat you down and you are trying very hard to stay positive, this year is the time to do so. Whether you are for or against all of the changes happening around us every day, you need to stay hopeful. Be hopeful this 2017 because it will do so much good for yourself and the people around you.

Good luck this 2017! Stay hopeful throughout the year no matter what, say your opinion because you have a right to be heard, and if all else fails put on some good music and tune out the world.