The Best Study Spots On Campus

I don’t think any college student likes studying but if you DO happen to enjoy burying your head in the books, you're a real trooper! Studying for an upcoming exam can be stressful, exhausting, and quite frankly - just plain annoying. It makes the whole process a lot less stressful more enjoyable if you're in a place that makes you happy. Here are some of Her Campus ISU's favorite study spots on ISU campus! 

Milner Library (duh)

Of course, the library is going to be the first place you can go to study because it has all of the necessary resources you may need during your cram sesh. The Milner Library has six floors all with different rooms and areas to go. My personal favorite is Floor 4 because it is a quiet floor, and it also has four huge windows in each corner to let the sunshine in! Sunshine just makes studying a little less terrible. 

The Rec

The Rec is also a favorite place go-to for students. If you want a quiet place to study, I wouldn’t recommend here because it is a LOUD place. The Rec also has a lot of big windows to let the light shine through which I think is perfect. Plus - let's not forget the Starbucks! 

The Bone

The Bone is usualy always crowded becuase of the new Starbucks and other various food options. There are many different areas that you can sit down and study at, multiple levels too! There is also an outdoor section that allows students to enjoy the fresh air while writing their papers or reading that freshman Grassroots Journal!

The Normal Public Library

I have never been to the public library until recently and I absolutely fell in love! Libraries are perfect because they are quiet zones. When I went to this library I was surprised to see that students actually go here to study and do homework. It isn’t a popular option, so if you do not want a packed area, go here!

The Hyatt

Okay, you must be thinking, What the heck? But I promise you, this place is nice! First, there is a Starbucks (can’t use flex dollars though!). During Christmas time, sitting by the fireplace doing some homework is so relaxing and makes you feel like you are not doing work!

Those are just some of the best spots on campus! You can study wherever you want, but these are just some of the more sit down areas that many students gravitate towards. You should always choose a place that makes you happy so that it makes doing schoolwork a little less terrible.


Lot’s of Love,