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The Best of 120 Years of Vogue Covers

If you’ve never heard of Vogue, then you are in luck! Vogue is an iconic fashion magazine that has changed the world of fashion for many years. This fabulous company was started in 1892 in the United States but has gone on to hold 23 international editions. People can agree that no other company has done it the way that Vogue does it, and Vogue intends to keep it that way. Currently run by the fabulous and powerful, Anna Wintour, Vogue has truly earned its’ place in the fashion community. Today I bring you the best of 120 years of faboulous Vogue covers!

Mary Toal

Illinois State '22

Hi everyone! My name is Mary Toal and I am a Freshman writer for HerCampus ISU. I am a fashion merchandising major with a minor in business that loves to write. I love writing about entertainment and anything that has to do with fashion!
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