Being in a Relationship on Valentine's Day

When you’re in a relationship on Valentine’s Day you get a bad rap and whenever you go on social media that day, all you see is posts about how being single is better. It doesn’t have to be a competition as long as everyone is happy. Being single isn’t any better than being in a relationship on Valentine’s Day and vice versa.

Being in a relationship on Valentine’s day is very fun, but it isn’t always a typical and cheesy as people think. Couples on Valentine’s Day don’t always do the typical fancy or the cheesy pizza in bed, to some it’s just any other day.  Yes, this is a day to celebrate love and relationships but when you’re in a relationship, everyday should feel like that.

The difference between being single on this day and being in a relationship is a drastic difference but neither needs to flaunt the day in the others face. Both types of people can have a very fun day without having to compare it to what it could be.  Valentine’s day is a day to celebrate love, romantic love, friendship love or any other type of love.

While being in a relationship, we do have some advantages on this day because we can overly show our love for the one person in our life. Having an excuse to be so lovey dovey and spoil your significant other is always fun to do. I personally love being in a relationship on Valentine’s Day because it’s so nice to be romantic. This day is for romance and love so make sure you let the most important person in your life know that they’re your world and your everything.

Valentine’s day is a day to show your love for that person who has your heart forever and always. So spread the love, show some love, and most importantly candy... just don’t forget the candy.