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During this quarantine, I have decided to dive deep into the world of astrology. It has managed to consume my entire life over the past couple weeks and I am not even mad about it. In case you do not know, astrology is pseudoscience that uses the alignments of the stars and planets the moment you were born, to predict your personality traits and struggles. While most people know their sun sign (the zodiac sign your birth date indicates), they don’t know that you are made up of more than just that. You have an entire birth chart that tells you specific information about your personality based on the position of planets and the angles in between them. In fact, there are three major signs that blend to make up your personality specifically, which is why no two people with the same sign are the same. The three most widely used signs to make up a person are the sun sign, the rising sign (ascendant), and the moon sign. If I wanted to cover all of the possible outcomes, this article would go on for days.

Therefore, I am just going to explain my chart and hopefully you either match one of the categories, know somebody who does, or just want to learn about astrology in general. My birthday is November 13, 1999 at 7:40 pm. This means my zodiac makeup is a Scorpio sun, Cancer rising, and Capricorn moon. Also, if you do not know what your chart is, you can go to astro-chart.com for a free birthchart. From there you can google search information for days or on astro-chart.com they have an option to buy a $25 report that will go insanely in depth about your specific make up. 

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Sun Sign​

Your sun sign is the center of who you are. These traits remain constant through everything in life and they are the characteristics that make you feel most powerful. This is the environment you will thrive in, your identity, your ego. Your sun sign is identified by the position of the sun at the time you were born. Having a sun in Scorpio means you have an intense passion for authenticity. You want to find the causes and meaning behind things and will stop at nothing to figure them out. This can sometimes lead to being manipulative or power hungry. You know what you want in life but you hold back a lot of your true self because you feel like not letting people in is powerful. You are skeptical of everyone’s intentions because you read situations very well and know what is going on around you. You are a very deep and intuitive person which can sometimes intimidate people. However, you don’t care if people are intimidated by you because you are extremely independent and don’t mind being alone, this gives you time to reflect and grow. This passion for figuring out the mysteries of the world make death and transformation become a lifelong quest for you. As I said before, no two scorpios will be the same; these are just some general traits.

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Rising Signs

Moving onto rising signs (also known as the ascendant). This is the first impression you make on people. It is the style you give off or the way you present yourself in new situations. It is typically called the “mask” you put on for the world which basically means it describes what your natural defenses are. Your rising sign shows more about the outer you and it is determined by the zodiac sign that is ascending on the eastern horizon at the time you were born. Having a cancer rising means that you are an extremely sensitive person. Sometimes you can even be known to think emotional satisfaction is more important than other successes. You have a strong intuition and you are very adaptable. You have no problem seeing the comfort and security that personal space has to offer and can often be homebodies. This intense sensitivity leads you to be possessive and jealous at times and you have a constant need for your partner’s attention. People like you because you can feel gentle and familiar, but you use your intuition to quickly find out what they want from you. You need well defined rules in a relationship and can sometimes attract people who need care or encouragement. People with a Cancer rising have a strong devotion in maintaining emotional soul connections and this becomes their heart approach to living. However, when out of balance, you are prone to moodiness, worry, and self pity. 

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Moon Signs

Finally, we have the moon signs. This is the sign that reflects your personality when you are alone or deeply comfortable. In other words, it rules your subconscious. Therefore, it only makes sense that this would be the zodiac sign that you think you are most alike. While your rising sign determines the outer you, the moon sign determines the inner you. This part of you is typically hidden from other people because it is your deepest needs below the surface, your soul. The moon rules your emotions, moods, and feelings. It can reveal your needs in a relationship, as well as, how you will get along with someone else. Some say it is even more important to know someone’s moon sign rather than the sun sign when getting into a new relationship. Having a moon in Capricorn means that you have very high expectations for yourself and the people around you. You are known to repress your emotions in the name of responsibility and easily hide sensitivity behind sarcasm. You like being useful and productive and you are known for planning ahead. This means you are often seen as “the capable one”. While on the outside you seem calm, cool, and collected, on the inside you are actually very hard on yourself. You have a huge heart but you need to get to know someone before giving it up to them because of your reserved emotional approach at first. Having a moon in Capricorn means you are not much for risk taking and you like clearly defined rules. This also means that messy people can sometimes frighten you. 

After reading about each of these aspects for weeks, these are the most common themes I have seen in each of them. It is important to know that every aspect may not apply to you just because you fit the category. However, I was blown away at how well these signs described me. Looking into my zodiac signs has made me feel so much closer to myself but I have to warn you that once you start you are going to want to know the birth charts of everyone close to you. Enjoy.

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