Alternative Winter Boots Other Than Uggs

Whether you want to admit it or not, we all own at least one pair of Uggs. Who wouldn’t though?! They’re warm, comfy, and match perfectly with your sweatshirt and leggings. Although Uggs have always been your go-to boot since like… the 7th grade, this winter you can switch it up with one (or more) of these 7 alternatives to Uggs. 

  1. Bean Boots

    Since these boots are half rubber, they are perfect for walking around a snowy campus. Sperry also carries look-alikes of these boots, but they come in colors like red, pink, blue, and green.

  2. Riding Boots The styles are endless for riding boots, which give you even more of a reason to own a pair. Wear them with tall socks or leg warmers and you’ll be set for a cold winter day.
  3. Combat Boots Lace them up or fold them down, either way they are perfect for your edgier winter outfits.
  4. Sorel Boots If you’re really in need of a pair of winter boots, Sorel is just what you need. Not only are they perfect for the snow and the cold, but they are also a lot more stylish than the basic snow boot.
  5. Timberlands

    This winter you’ll be seeing a lot of these boots thanks to all the celebs for making them popular.

  6. Doc Martens A trend that’s back for round two! Plus, they are wearable year round.
  7. Hunter Boots Just because they’re rain boots doesn’t mean you can only bring them out in the spring. Hunter sells boot socks to transform your rain boots into snow boots.