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Alex Donnelly

There is no doubt why Alex Donnelly is this week’s Campus Celebrity!  After an amazing football season and a trip to Frisco, Texas to play in the 2015 NCAA Division Championship, tells us about his experience with football and ISU’s football team!

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Major: Business Information Systems

Favorite Food: Crab

Favorite Color: Purple

Hobbies: Paddle boarding and doing anything outside

Role Model: Dad

Position in football: Linebacker


Her Campus ISU: When did you start playing football and why did you stick with it?

Alex Donnelly: 7th grade. I really enjoyed the game. My dad, uncles, and grandpa all played too.


HC ISU: Why did you decide to play at ISU?

AD: A few different reasons. My mom grew up in Chicago and ISU isn’t far from there. I’ve lived in Seattle all my life so I wanted a different experience.


HC ISU: What will you remember the most about this season?

AD: The bond and brotherhood of the team; I’ve definitely made life long friends.


HC ISU: What is your favorite memory?

AD: The first home game I started during my freshman year.  

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