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The Acafellaz: ISU’s Premier Men’s Acapella Group


Illinois State’s own a cappella group is taking the campus by storm, capturing the hearts (and ears) of many.  At a solid twelve members, the crew collectively shares their incredible vocal abilities to audiences around Normal.

Beginning in Spring of 1999, the ‘fellaz have displayed much growth and progression to be standing where they are today.  Although beginning in the late 90’s, the clan truly began their peak when they officially became a Registered Student Organization in Fall of 2007.  This opened the door to many opportunities for performances and exposure around Illinois State.

While exchanging a few words on biggest events the ‘Fellaz have participated in, Matt Koehilinger, President, Musical Director, and Arranger said, “Chi Omega’s March Madness where Braden is completely filled. There is always so much energy in that room and it’s just so fun to sing in. Second would be singing on 101.5 WBNQ. While we’re singing in a small studio, it’s strange to think that a few hundred thousand people are probably listening to us on their way to work.”

Although their taste in music varies, the ‘Fellaz have no problem mixing it up.  Pop, Country, Alternative, Jazz, and even a little rapping have been displayed in their performances.  While asking Matt about any pre-show rituals, it was charming to hear how relaxed and ready they are. We put so much preparation into our show that once we get on stage it all seems to just click. Also, we all enjoy being around each other so just being together is calming.”

We caught these musical studs in what was their anticipated End of The Year show this past Friday and we loved what we saw.  They were full high energy music at this show and it was a great way for the ‘Fellaz to end the year with a bang. Congrats boys! 

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