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A New Way To Get Your Caffeine Fix

College students across the nation have one true best friend during the end of the semester: caffeine. Whether it’s from a steaming cup of coffee or a large energy drink, students often rely on caffeinated beverages to power through their tests and assignments during the last few weeks of school before winter break. Finals can be a rough time of year, but having another way to make you feel more energized during the day is always helpful. 

However, it’s easy to get sick of drinking the same thing all of the time. And, with finals and meetings and last minute group projects, many of us are constantly on the go. I myself don’t have the patience or time to stock up on cans of energy drinks or pack myself a cup of coffee every morning before class. So, what’s a better solution than something you can carry in the front pocket of your backpack? 

Truth be told, I usually rely on a Starbucks run or a quick burst of energy from an Alani Nu or Celsius drink to help me get through my last few classes of the semester. However, sometimes when I’m not at my apartment and I feel myself growing tired when I’m in between classes on campus, I find myself needing a quicker and easier solution. That’s where Gummi Shot Energy Gummies come in. 

Just one of the fruit-flavored gummies, which is slightly larger than a daily multivitamin, has 75 mg of caffeine. This amount is slightly greater than the caffeine content in a can of soda and slightly less than the caffeine in a cup of coffee. A pouch containing three gummies is about 25 mg greater than a typical energy shot. 

Flavors of the gummies include elderberry, valencia orange and tropical. Just like soda, there are flavor options so that everyone can pick their favorite. The caffeine in these gummies comes from green coffee beans, which are simply coffee beans that have yet to be roasted. 

The gummies provide a quick way to get a little more energy in between tests, especially in lecture halls where coffee or other drinks besides water may not be allowed. These are also an alternative for people who may get jittery when they drink too much caffeine, and can even be used before a workout. 

As always, since they are considered a dietary supplement, consult with your doctor or physician before including something such as Gummi Shot in your diet. In my opinion, these gummies are not a daily solution to feeling tired or burned out academically; however, having something that can fit in a backpack or purse for times when days just seem way too stressful and tiring is always a great idea. 

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