8 Group Halloween Costumes for 2019


If you are anything like me, spooky season has already started for you. The ideas for Halloween costumes already started right after it ended last year (That’s normal right?). However there are multiple times where you may need to dress up this year. Whether it be for an RSO or just for a good time, you will have to come up with the best costume idea yet. There are always the classic nurses or cops, witches and vampires, but this year you may want to switch it up. What costumes are better than the classics you ask? GROUP. COSTUMES.

Grab your gal pals and get ready to have the best remembered costumes of 2019. There are so many fabulous ideas for you and your besties to have matching costumes for the cutest photo-ops. Here are eight of the top group costumes you could all pull off this upcoming Halloween. 

  1. The Spice Girls. "If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends." This group is the perfect opportunity to show off which inner Spice Girl you have always wanted to be. You could be in the spirit and feeling Scary like Mel B or wanting to be sugar and spice and everything nice like Baby Spice. 

  2. Earth, Wind and Fire (and Water). No, not the band that sings "September". The four elements. You're probably wondering, "What on Earth?" (No pun intended). Someone can be hot like a devil for fire or white and glowing for wind. It'll be a group costume, yet let you all be individuals. 

  3. The Fanta Girls. Wanna Fanta or wanna easy group costume? Grab some white go-go boots and your favorite Fanta colored dresses and you'll all be set to go for the night. To spice it up, grab a Fanta to match your outfit and get some insta-worthy photos. 

  4. Bridesmaids. Yes, this is Halloween and not a wedding. However, get one of your girls in a white dress and the rest in hot pink and you'll look like Maya Rudolph and her bridesmaid gang in no time. 

  5. The Seven Deadly Sins. Although you need specifically seven, this is a group costuem that isn't a sin. Grab a tiara for pride or cover yourself in green for envy. Each of your can have your own twist on the costumes, which will give you room to be creative. 

  6. The Kardashians. Your group won't even need an excuse to post a billion selfies once you're dressed up like these reality star sisters. Even if you don't have the Yeezys to finish Kim's athleisure look, your group will still be looking better than ever for all the posts about to be made. 

  7. Victoria's Secret Angels. Find a silky pink robe, curl your hair and get ready to strut your stuff on the runway. An easy, but recognizable costume that will have you and your girlies looking your best on Halloween night. 

  8. A Royal Flush. Get your poker faces on to win one of th best group costumes this year. Although a classic, it is easy to get this costume together. Your group will be unbeatable with this costume in hand. 

If you weren't looking forward to Halloween already, I hope the ideas have and your besties in the spirit. Get ready to have the best costumes of 2019 and post all about it.