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7 Underrated Bands Worth Listening To


Anyone else tired of the same cycle of Top 100’s played on the radio?  Here are a few iPod worthy artists (ranging from different sounds) to add to your music collection.


1.    The Front Bottoms

This indie-pop duo recently made their way to Normal’s Firehouse Pizza this past November after releasing a self-titled album in 2011.  Their catchy lyrics created crowd favorites such as “Maps” and “Swimming Pool.” The band recently announced an upcoming tour and will be playing the Subterranean in Chicago on June 27th.  The Front Bottoms have also put out a new song, “Twin Size Mattress”, to give fans a sneak peak of their new album,Talon of the Hawk, which is set to be released on May 21st.  These boys know how to put on a fun show and are definitely worth a listen! 

2.    Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons have recently set out on their first headlining tour (with Atlas Genius—see below) to promote newly released album Night Visions (ironic name considering front man Dan Reynold’s night blindness).  The band played two heart-felt Chicago shows back to back at the House of Blues on March 4th and 5th—both selling out in minutes.  The amount of emotion and intensity Imagine Dragons collectively displays in a performance is unlike any other band I have seen.  Nowadays, artists typically take full advantage of the fame they have gained, but this is one of those bands that you can easily tell how appreciative they are for every fortune that has come their way.  I hands-down believe Imagine Dragons is the most humbled group of artists I have had the honor of seeing and deserve all of the success they are gaining.  Besides popular singles such as “It’s Time” and “Radioactive”, the album as a whole is phenomenal.  Lolla go-ers, be sure not to miss this group in August! 

3.    Atlas Genius

This Australian clan released their first full length album When It Was Now after putting out their EP Through The Glass in 2012.  The boys have been gaining more popularity with hit Trojans getting radio play, as well as touring with bands such as AWOLNATION, Anberlin, and Imagine Dragons.  The indie/rock musicians entertain crowds with their catchy yet relaxing tunes.  It’s safe to say Atlas Genius is starting to leave their mark on the States… and won’t be slowing down any time soon. 

4.    The Story So Far

Where are my pop-punk kids at?  One of 2013’s most anticipated albums has finally been released.  Chicago-based alternative band released single “Right Here” leaving fans with great expectations for the future as lyrics like “the mind you broke and the price that it costs me now” caught fire.  TSSF’s What You Don’t See has caused much hype in the pop-punk world, and it did not disappoint.  The underrated band is sure to be gaining more attention with this piece of work.  You can catch their guitar riffs and mosh pits at this year’s Vans Warped Tour.  The rest of the tour’s lineup can be found here.

5. Bad Books

Kevin Devine and Manchester Orchestra’s Andy Hull have teamed up to create indie/rock duo, Bad Books.  After launching their first self-titled album, the duo went on to create II in 2012.  Both Devine and Hull are extremely talented artists and the combination of the two only highlights their talents.  My personal favorite jam is “It Never Stops”, but their complete collection of soothing tunes are something you don’t want to miss out on.

6. Kate Nash

Ladies, if you really want to belt out your boy issues I suggest giving British indie/pop sensation Kate Nash a bit of your time.  This chick’s songs are much cooler than anything Miss Swift could put out (I realize I bash her often, but oh well.)  Not every song is a depressing ballad pining over a dude that probably isn’t worth a second thought.  She’s quirky and blunt in her lyrics—both appreciative qualities.  Nash caught the attention of many with hit “Foundations” back in 2007 and has recently come out with album Girl Talk in 2013.  

7. Alabama Shakes

Folk/rock band Alabama Shakes have gained much publicity this past year with release of Boys And Girls.  Lead singer Brittany Howard’s incredible vocal range is displayed throughout the entire album.  They are a unique band that offers a different sound to our mainstream’s typicals.  Alabama Shakes won Best New Artist at 2012’s Grammy’s and were nominated for Best Rock Performance. 

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