7 Struggles of Being Left-Handed

For all of my fellow lefties, I’m sure you can agree that being left handed is an awful inconvenience. Considering the majority of the population is right handed, we have it a little more difficult than everyone else. An everyday task for a right-handed person can be dreadful for a lefty. Here are seven every day events left-handed people have to deal with in college.



1.     Lecture Halls

In class, you have to sit at the very edge to get a left-handed desk, or be that annoying person who elbows your neighbor while writing notes. Nine times out of ten, you’re the annoying lefty sitting in the middle of a row of right-handed people.



2.     Three ring binders and notebooks


Slamming your hand into the metal rings gets old after a while.



3.     Smudged notes

Not only is it difficult to write the notes, but they’re probably too smudged to read in the end anyways. Laptops are our friends; teachers who don’t allow laptops in class are not.


4.     The fake pinky bruise


Along with the smudged notes, you get a pinky that looks extremely bruised. Getting asked what happened to your finger is never a cool story. The answer is “Oh, I was just writing.” But, on the bright side if you use colorful pens you get a colorful pinky to match your notes.



5.     Using Scissors

Right-handed scissors may be easy to find, but they are definitely not easy to use. Cutting something with right-handed scissors will take at least double the time.


6.     Eating

Just when you think you can catch a break, you’re elbowing someone at the table. And again, don’t think you’ll be sitting in the middle at the dinner table because you’ll be moved to an edge.


7.     Being asked if you’re left-handed

Getting weird looks while writing is something to get used to. And when you grab the pen with your left hand instead of your right, get ready for “Are you left handed?” As if it’s the weirdest thing in the world.