6 Booties That Every Girl Needs in Their Closet This Fall

Like most girls, I thrive off of fall fashion, pumpkin spice lattes, and apple orchard dates.  One thing I really go crazy for is fall footwear. I always get asked about my shoes, so I decided to share my personal favorites and some new trends. The thing I love about my booties is that they are very fashionable, comfortable and durable! Some pairs I have even had for over a year!

To ensure every fall outfit is perfect, check out these must-have bootie styles you need in your closet. Click the images to view the booties online!

Open Toe TOMS


I got a pair of these bad boys at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. These are honestly the most comfortable pair of booties I own. I have them in dark brown, and I just ordered a pair in black! Plus, for every item you purchase, TOMS will help someone in need. They are even on sale right now for only $69.99!


Embroidered Detail  

This embroidered floral pattern is so in right now and has been since the spring! I love the detail in these boots and the pop of color. The boots on the top are from Express and are on sale. At 30% off, they’re only $48.93 right now! I just put these in my shopping cart and look forward to wearing them next weekend! The boots on the bottom are from Forever 21 and cost $38. I have seen them in person, and the quality was not as good and they seemed to run small. However, they are still adorable, get the job done, and come in a lot more color options and patterns!



Fringe is always a fun accent to add to your outfit! The booties on the top are only 2.5 inches, so they are perfect for a casual day if you want to be comfortable. They are from Dottie Couture Boutique, which is one of my favorite online boutiques, and are only $36. Dottie Couture has a ton of options for booties. The shoes on the bottom are an online exclusive from Express and so adorable! My favorite part about these booties is the color, and as a bonus, they are currently 30% off. Express has a ton of boots on sale right now in a ton of colors and styles, so my suggestion is to look at them all!


Warm Colored Tones

Warm color tones like olive and maroon are the perfect pop of color this fall! The boots on the top are from DSW and are currently $79.99.  But don’t worry, there are always online sales, so just be on the lookout! The suede tall sock boots on the bottom are from Forever 21 and are $34.99. The picture does not do them justice because they are SO much cuter in person!


Studded Embellishments

The booties on the top are 33% off and come in 3 different colors! Studs are so cute for any fall sweater outfit and perfect for that trip to the pumpkin patch! You will NOT regret getting these. The suede tall booties on the bottom have the best of both worlds with the fringe and studs! These are from Dottie Couture Boutique, as well, and are $39! I am IN LOVE with the tall style bootie and expect more options to be coming out as we get deeper into fall!


Grey Tone

Grey tones are perfect when you want your pop of color to be your sweater, purse, scarf or hat! I love these because they are very neutral and go with just about anything. The shoes on the top are from Nordstrom and are on sale for 20% off! The booties on the bottom are from Express (again). They are a little simpler but also cheaper.


I hope you enjoy these styles and get trendy this season! I apologize in advance for your bank accounts. Have fun shopping!