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5 Websites to Find Cheap Swimsuits

Warm weather is almost here ladies! The perfect time to start looking for swimsuits so you can lay out by the pool. Swimsuits are so expensive now days and at most places, the top is around $20 and so are the bottoms. A bikini set could almost cost you around $40, that’s ridiculous! Below I’m going to list five websites to find cheap swimsuits. I hope this list helps you save some money next time you have to buy that new bikini or one piece set!

  1. Zaful

Zaful is the perfect site to find a swimsuit! The amazing part about their site is that bikinis come as a set! For example, you can get a bikini top and bottom for around $20. Also, they had a wide range of swimsuits for one pieces and bikinis! You might be thinking it’s going to be hard trying to find a swimsuit online without trying it on. But on Zaful’s website people post pictures of themselves in the swimsuits, so then you can see what they look like. I’ve ordered plenty of swimsuits off zaful and can say that they’re amazing!

2. Prettylittlething                                         via: google

Prettylittlething is such a cute site and you can find so much on there. Their swimsuits are very cute and cheap. They’re around $20-$30, but with their swimsuits the tops and bottoms do come seperate. Also, you can find cute cover ups to match your swimsuits. But other than that prettylittlething is a great site to find swimsuits at!

3.boohoo                                                    via: google

This is another great place to find swimsuits! They’re cheap and another bonus is that they always have a sale. The bikini sets are sold seperate by top and bottom. They also have a wide range of swimwear from one pieces to bikinis.


4. Forever 21                                   via: google

Forever 21 definitely has a creative section of swimsuits, from their vibrant colors to animal prints! These swimsuits are sold separately by the top and bottom too. Also, the swimsuits are super cheap!

5. Urban Outfitters                               via: google

You might think urban outfitters is really expensive but they have cute swimsuits on the sale part of their site. You can mix and match the tops and bottoms. Also, on the regular part of their site you can find some cute swimsuits!After listing these websites I hope you find a website where you can find cheap swimsuits for the summer!

Kai Johnson


Kai Johnson

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