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5 Ways to Support your new Sorority Executive Team

With the new year, comes a new group of women that will be the face and leaders of your sorority. In 2021, I was secretary for my sorority, and just in November, I was elected director of philanthropy for 2022. While I’m someone that absolutely hates change and loves it when things stay the way they are, I also know we cannot grow and learn without changes. For some, I know it can be weird to see things in your sorority change and be different, but everything happens for a reason. Here are some good tips on ways you can be supportive of your newly elected officers.

1. Be flexible

Things are going to be chaotic and messy as the old officers transition out and the new officers start to take on their new responsibilities. Being flexible and not getting mad at your sisters and team is hands-down the most important thing to do. I promise you, they are trying their best and want to make your sorority grow as much as you do.

2. Try your hardest to attend most events

If your sister holds an event for her position, such as sisterhoods, diversity education events, philanthropy opportunities, it is important to ATTEND. While I know college can get busy and stressful, even just making an effort to attend an event goes such a long way. Having them see you attending events not only will make them feel good and more motivated to do their job—it’s always nice to have that support from your sisters.

3. offer your help without overstepping on them

One of my biggest pet peeves while holding a position is when people try to take over my job. While it may seem that you are just trying to help, for me, it sometimes felt insulting, as though people couldn’t trust my work or didn’t like my ideas. One way you can offer help is by simply reaching out. Asking “What can I do to make this job easier?” or “How can I help you succeed?” lets them know you’re there for support.

4. listen to what they are saying

When I was secretary last year I would have to answer the same question time and time again and, believe me, it was extremely annoying. Times when your sisters give information at chapters, events, meetings, in group chats, etc, are times when you need to be listening. While they have chosen to take on a bigger responsibility, they’re still people with lives outside of their position.


Having a good attitude and not being negative is something very much easier said than done. I know I can be a very negative person sometimes (or all the time…) but staying positive and not being annoyed when a new officer asks something of you will not only make the officer feel more confident and established in their role, but also allow them to create a better relationship with you.

The first semester of the new officers and executive team in their roles is something that will have its ups and downs. Things will be messy, some stuff will go wrong, and that’s just life. It’s your job as a sister to make sure that they succeed because, if your executive and officer team succeeds, your sorority will succeed, as well.

Anne Sattler

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