5 Ways to Style Your Little Black Dress

If there’s one common factor among all college women’s wardrobes, it’s the little black dress. Ah yes, this dress is magical. It hugs you in all the right places, shows just enough cleavage and still manages to cover that nasty mystery scar you woke up with the morning after Halloween of 2013. It’s simply from another world and no man stands a chance against its power. This little wonder makes you feel confident even on the most bloated of days, so why not wear it every weekend? I know, most girls would never DREAM of Instagramming the same outfit twice in one week, but as broke college kids, we must learn how to recycle.

1. Dress it up.

Whether it’s semi-formal, date night or you’re going to a wedding, there are so many ways to make this simple item into a show stopper.

How to achieve this look: Statement necklace, stilettos and a fab up-do.

2. Dress it down.

You know the best part of wearing a dress? No pants! Therefore, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t wear a dress to a casual event.

How to achieve this look: Sneakers, cozy cardigan and dainty jewelry.

3. Make it fall.

Fall is arguably the best season for fashion, bare legs are still acceptable as long as you have coverage up top. Soon enough though, winter will rear its ugly head and you will be forced into a season FULL of pants, so take advantage of this time!

How to achieve this look: Combat boots, plaid shirt or chunky scarf, and your favorite leg warmers.

4. Daytime outing.

Whether you’re meeting the girls for mimosas or meeting your crush for lunch, the little black dress can make a fab daytime look if styled accordingly.

How to achieve this look: Casual jacket, booties with a heel and sleek, flowing hair.

5. Wear it out.

It’s Thursday night, you’ve had an awful week full of writing papers and taking tests, but it’s finally over; you know what that means! Slip on your fave dress and grab your girls to go downtown.

How to achieve this look: Comfortable heels, bold smoky eye and a head of full, teased hair.