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5 Ways to Boost your Immune System

Right now, the world is a little bit crazy because of COVID-19. Several events have been canceled and now most places are closed. The only places that are open are essential, and we are only supposed to leave our houses if it’s necessary. You may be worried about getting sick, but don’t worry here are a few ways to help boost your immune system during this time.

  1. Eat healthy foods – high in protein, vitamins, probiotics…
    1. Almonds
    2. Berries
    3. Yogurt
    4. Salmon
    5. Eggs
    6. Broccoli
    7. Spinach
    8. Sweet Potatoes
    9. Oats
    10. Watermelon
    11. Chicken Soup
    12. Red Bell Peppers
    13. Sunflower Seeds
    14. Kiwi
    15. Bananas
    16. Toast
    17. Beans
    18. Avocado
    19. Cauliflower
    20. Quinoa
    21. Figs
    22. Hummus
    23. Brown Rice
    24. Mushrooms
    25. Pecans
    26. Asparagus
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  2. Get more sleep
    1. Take this time while you are stuck at home to catch up on some much-needed sleep. When we sleep our body repairs and builds up our immune system so we can fight of viruses.
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      Kinga Cichewicz

  3. Practice good hygiene
    1. We should all already be washing our hands, but maybe during this time try to do it more often.
      person washing hands

  4. Get Vitamin D
    1. Go outside even if it is only for five minutes, just soak up the sun. Sit on your porch, in your yard, or take a walk around the block.
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  5. Stay hydrated
    1. Another important thing to do is drink lots of water.
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      Her Campus Media

All of these boosters are easy and simple to add into your everyday life. Some ways to do so are eating at least one fruit or vegetable with every meal, sitting outside with your laptop or a book to work on school or work, and keeping a water bottle around. I know that some of this sounds boring, but you can make it more fun by using soap with fun scents that smell amazing and use reusable colored straws and bottles for your water. Hope all is well with everyone and that all of these hacks help you to stay healthy.

Nastassja Ott

Illinois State '22

Junior at Illinois State University Early Childhood Education Major I love reading, writing, drawing, and coloring in my free time
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