5 Tips on How to be Successful for Spring Semester

Welcome back to Spring Semester and Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful winter break. If you’re like me, my break consisted of a lot of Netflix and eating junk food. With that being said, it’s hard to get back into a weekly routine and start doing homework. Below I have listed five helpful tips to get you back focused and be successful for spring semester!

  1. Get a Planner

Planners are the best things that were ever created! They help you stay organized and figure out what you have to do everyday. One thing that personal works for me is using different colored pens for what I have to do. For example, if I have an RSO meeting I put that in red but if I have something personal I need to do I put that in pink. Now I know planners aren’t for everyone, but they really help you stay organized! You can find some at TJ Maxx or Target for cheap.

  1. Go to the Library                           via: pinterest

Going to the library really helps because you can zone out and focus only on your homework rather than when you try to study in your room you can easily watch TV or get distracted. Try making it a priority to go to the library at least once a week. Bring your friends, get a coffee, and head to the library!

  1. Do assignments ahead of time    via: pinterest

Now this is something I struggle with but this past week I started doing my assignments the day they were assigned rather than waiting until the day before to do them. I felt so much more productive and ahead. Also doing assignments ahead of time will help so you don’t fall behind. Sometimes professors might assign one assignment and then a couple days assign another one. This will really help you stay on track!

  1. Take self care days                       via: pinterest

Self care days are sooo important. You should always take time out to get a massage or even just relax and watch a movie! Whenever you become stressed about homework or classes, take a step back. Your health comes before everything! Another way is to take a break from homework for about an hour or so.

  1. Go to professor office hours       via: pinterest

If you're struggling in a class go to your professors office hours! This really helps so that you understand how to improve your grade and get clarification on something you didn't get. Sometimes it can be intimidating seeing your professor, but it will help.

                                                                via: pinterest

I hope these five tips help you stay focused and be successful this semester and helps you get back into a routine. Have a good spring semester!

Kai Johnson