5 Things to get excited about for Fall

Fall is one of the best seasons, whether it’s because of the leaves changing colors or the perfect weather that is not too hot, but not too cold. Fall is beautiful! Break out those cardigans and sip on your pumpkin spice latte as you read 5 things to look forward to for fall. 

1. Apple Orchard- We all love the smell of apple cider donuts to soothe your sweet tooth, or the apple cider slushies that are so good and so cheap! The apple orchard is the place to be for the fall so you can take many cute pictures and update your insta or if you are just craving the food. It’s a blast either way, whether you go with family or friends. 

2. Haunted Houses- This is something everyone should go to at least once in their life! I will admit I get scared when they jump out at you and I’ve felt like I was going to pee my pants a couple times, but the best part is when you go with a group and you all hold on to each other. I know when I went to a haunted house with some friends, we were all in a line with our heads being buried into each other because we were so scared, but it was still fun and I’ll never forget that. Also, haunted hayrides are fun too! It makes you feel like you are in a horror movie and it’s creepy and scary but fun all at the same time. 

3. Oversized Hoodies- We all love the look of an oversized hoodie and a messy bun! It’s a go to look that you don’t have to put a lot of effort into, but you can still look cute. Nobody wears clothes that fit them anymore, oversized is the trend. Hoodies are a must in fall because it’s the perfect breezy weather. You can wear a hoodie and not sweat to death in it! Plus anything looks good with an oversized hoodie! 

4. Pumpkin Everything- As soon as it hits fall, everything pumpkin comes out! You bet that I went and bought fall scents from Bath and Body Works; your girl is going to smell like a pumpkin marshmallow! Everything about this scent is great, whether you have it burning in your room, hanging in your car, or simply wearing it! Also, I know this is such a white girl drink but pumpkin spice lattes are my shit! I love them so much and ugh it’s just so good. Pumpkin pie is where it’s at too, but you can’t eat it without drowning it in cool whip because it just wouldn’t be the same without it. 

5. Halloween- I saved the best one for last. Who doesn’t like Halloween? From trick or treating to watching Halloween movies, this is such a fun holiday to look forward to. I still dress up to this day, but my costumes are a little more scandalous and not so childish anymore. You can literally make you own costume for Halloween, and you don’t have to spend a ton of money on it either. Also, lets all admit that we look forward to watching Halloweentown on Disney Channel (but not the last one because that one was a disgrace). Who didn’t want to live in Halloweentown? Such a good OG movie! But don’t forget about Hocus Pocus, we all love the Sanderson sisters! That definitely gets you in the Halloween spirit. 

Remember to do something fun this fall, and dress up for Halloween because you are never too old to go trick or treating, and who cares if you smell like a pumpkin cupcake… at least you don’t smell! Enjoy fall and all it has to offer. 

Lots of love, Lacey