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5 Stores with Must-Have Masks to Add to Your Wardrobe

Wearing a mask in public places has become the new norm and is essential for keeping ourselves and others safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are a necessity in our daily lives, and in the same way have become a new staple in our wardrobes. And while we’re all doing our part to help stop the coronavirus from spreading, we might as well make a fashion statement while we’re at it. Whether you like crazy patterns, bright colors or want to create a custom design, there is a mask out there to fit everybody’s personal style.

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Here are five places that are selling must-have masks:

  1. Redbubble: Redbubble has tons of super cute masks in a variety of colors and patterns such as dalmatian and cow print, the popular Louis Vuitton print in brown, and motivational sayings in fun, bright bubble letters. Most masks are around $10, and part of the profit goes to the artists that create the designs, so by purchasing a mask off of Redbubble you are also supporting a small business at the same time!
  2. Old Navy: Old Navy has endless options of masks at very affordable prices! With trendy patterns like cheetah print, camo, and tie-dye as well as solid colors, there is an option for everyone. A pack of five masks is $12.50, and a pack of 10 is $25.
  3. Fanatics: This is the perfect option for a sports lover! Fanatics offers masks with the logos and colors of teams from every major sports league, including college. And even though we can’t be at the stadium to cheer on our favorite team in person right now, we can still rep them when wearing one of these masks out and about running errands.
  4. Anthropologie: Though a little pricier than other options, Anthropologie has a wide selection of boho-inspired masks in patterns ranging from floral to gingham. Choose from a single mask or packs of two or three that are all in the same color family. Prices average around $20, but they are reusable which means you can get a lot of use out of them! Some are even made from organic cotton.
  5. Zazzle: If none of these options were for you, don’t worry – you can customize your own! Zazzle allows you to choose from five different mask styles, and from there you can add your own photos and text or customize one of their existing designs to make it yours.

No matter which you choose, it’s important to remember that by wearing a mask we are all doing our part to battle the coronavirus and keep our friends, family and communities as healthy as possible!

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