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5 Songs to Add to Your Late Summer Playlist

Music just hits differently in the summer, and I happen to think that the summer playlists shouldn’t immediately come to an end once the school year starts! Here are five songs that would be the perfect additions to your late summer playlist: 

  1. “All Along” – Still Woozy 

“All Along” is a fun, light song from Still Woozy’s new album that highlights the relief that comes with moving on. Still Woozy is an artist that has frequently been in heavy rotation for me over the past year, and I definitely recommend giving them a listen if you’re looking for something new to add to your music library! 

  1. “ICU” – Phoebe Bridgers 

Shifting to a heavier song, “ICU” by Phoebe Bridgers almost immediately became one of my favorite songs I listened to this past summer entirely because of the lyrics. Traditionally, I wouldn’t pick a song like this to be on my summer soundtrack, but even after months of listening to this song, I still find new things to love about it! Even if Phoebe’s music is not exactly your style, I would still recommend this song for anyone who appreciates genius lyricism. 

  1. “After the Storm” – Kali Uchis 

This next song was a bit of a tricky one for me. I had listened to this song a few times last year, but for some reason, it really never stuck out to me. It wasn’t really until this past month that it started to grow on me. I’ve always loved Kali’s music, and with features like Tyler The Creator on this song, I’m really glad that I finally gave it another chance. Definitely check out “After the Storm” and Kali’s other music if you’re looking for a new and unique sound to add to your playlists! 

  1. “Real Love Baby” – Father John Misty 

Kind of like the last song, I had a bit of hesitation at first with this pick as well. I always really wanted to like Father John Misty’s music, but again, it just didn’t really stick with me. There were a few songs I enjoyed, but I wouldn’t have exactly called myself a fan. In my opinion, “Real Love Baby” was a completely new sound for Father John Misty, and it was exactly the song I was looking for! It perfectly fits the end-of-summer vibe and I really think this song is one that anyone will find themselves addicted to, regardless of music taste! 

  1. “Dominoes” – Lorde

Obviously, I had to end the list with a Lorde shoutout! After listening to her new and highly anticipated (summer-themed!) album, Solar Power, Dominoes quickly became one of my favorites. The lyrics are the perfect mix of comical and intelligent, and the overall sound of this song does the perfect job of encompassing a light, summery feeling. It really was not a song that I would expect to come from Lorde, but this list simply would not have been complete without at least one Solar Power track! 

The end of summer doesn’t always have to be a bummer with a great playlist! These are just a few of the songs that have been in rotation on my playlists this summer, and I hope you have had an amazing start to your semester so far! 

Eileen Quinn

Illinois State '23