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5 School Supply Favorites, As Told by a College Girl

Do you remember in elementary school when it would be your turn to go to the school store? Would you search for cool erasers or smencils? This was one of my favorite times! Another experience with school supplies that was always fun for me was school book fairs, I could not help but gravitate towards all the cool school supplies after picking out my books. One of my favorite times of the year is school shopping! I love the feeling of opening that new pack of pens, turning the page on a fresh notebook, and even writing in the first important dates into my planner. I think the key to success in the school year is setting yourself up with the right materials, and I am here to suggest some of my favorites to you. Some of the items that I suggest are items that I found this year, and some are items that I have found in my early years of elementary school! 


1. Pilot FriXion Clicker Erasable Pens [bf_image id="qfq6jm-9rx7tk-c727v3"]


I am in love with these pens! Not only are they gel and write beautifully, but they erase. I also believe that they are the pens that are compatible with the scannable notebooks! Maybe it is the teacher in me, but it is so comforting to know that if I make a mistake I can erase them with such ease. Amazing!


2. Zebra Pen Mildliner - Double Ended Highlighters [bf_image id="qfq6vg-4w45dc-dtd9ua"]

If you are someone who loves their notes super neat and aesthetic, then these are perfect for you. Not only do they come in pastel colors, but they are double-ended! One side is a highlighter tip and the other side looks like a thin Crayola marker tip. They are good to write titles with, highlighting key words, and underlining important information!


3. Paper Mate Black Pen

[bf_image id="qfq6p8-10b4bs-fdskdq"]


This is a super basic school supplies item - so reliable. There is not much to say about this item except that it writes smooth, rarely smudges, and is super thin! I go back and forth between liking regular ink and liking gel ink pens. This pen is a cheap must have!


4. Paper Mate Profile Retractable Bold Ballpoint Pens (1.4mm) - 12 pack [bf_image id="qfq6su-1u9sw-23z2uv"]

Behold! The best-colored pens around! Paper mate is obviously my go-to! Amazon is actually having a 50% off sale off a lot of school supplies right now, and this item is one of them! Go check it out. These pens are so good for taking notes and organizing your planner! If you can not tell, I have a strong love for pens!


5. Academic Year Planner

[bf_image id="q80kqt-6nyzuw-9fqaur"]

A key to a year of academic success for me is being organized. I believe that when all of my notes are in a row, dates are written out, and things are color-coded it is almost impossible for me to take a wrong turn. The planners I use are the Blue Sky- teacher planner and the Blue Sky- Mia Chavro planner. I highly recommend both. 

Madison Zoot

Illinois State '21

Future Educator! <3
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