5 Reasons Why Christmas is better than Thanksgiving

Right off the bat, I know I’m probably going to get a lot of backlash on this. I’m just saying I think Thanksgiving is that kind of holiday that gets hyped up for not really any good reason. I still very much enjoy spending time with my friends and family and sending all the good and loving vibes around, but I just personally think that Christmas is better. Here are my top 5 reasons for why Christmas is better than Thanksgiving. 

1) Christmas music literally has the biggest bops of all time, don’t @ me 

Thanksgiving doesn’t even have any music to get hyped up. We go from spooky Halloween music all October to nothing in November. Christmas is obviously better because of all the jams it offers. All you people out there who say “oH I dOn’T liStEn tO CHrIsTmAs mUsiC bEfOrE ThAnkSgIviNg bEcaUsE iT's nOt tiMe FoR iT yEt” are seriously missing out on some awesome Christmas music jam sessions that are happening with the cool people who aren’t afraid to get hyped up. 

2) The whole “I’m thankful for so and so” is bullshit 

Most people who do these things are high school – younger adults. The typical college student posts photos of people saying they are “so so thankful for” that you’re likely to see in every other post on Instagram or Facebook. Don’t get me wrong I’ve definitely been one of the posters, but now I just feel like people only do it for the likes and to make it known to the world how many friends they have that they “can’t live without.” I personally feel like you shouldn’t need an entire holiday to express your thankfulness to your friends and family. 

3) Everyone is SO nice around Christmas time 

No matter where you go, Christmas time just brings out the best in people. Everyone is ready for the year to be over and so they literally don’t even care anymore. People are more generous and caring and it’s just overall a really great time. 

4) Unpopular opinion: Thanksgiving food is bland and overrated 

I am a picky eater, so the different kinds of food that is served at Thanksgiving was never really my favorite. Throughout the years though, I have expanded my food plate and I can honestly say that the hype over some of these Thanksgiving dishes isn’t what I thought it was going to be. To me most of the food is very dry and not flavorful, but that could just be because of the foods that my family has on Thanksgiving. 

5) Christmas time is not as stressful 

Thanksgiving is so stressful especially as a college student. You have all of your relatives in one house at one dinner table all bombarding you with questions about your college and personal life. Christmas on the other hand isn’t stressful in this way because if someone asks you a deep personal college life question you can always try and dip out of the room to avoid it. You can’t do this on Thanksgiving because you’re literally stuck at a table for 2 and half hours. 

Overall, there’s nothing totally wrong with Thanksgiving, but I just don’t feel or get the hype. An entire holiday dedicated to sitting at a table with dry and bland favored foods for hours while getting hounded by your relatives just doesn’t seem very fun to me to be totally honest. And let’s get real, you’re totally lying to yourself if you say that Thanksgiving is better than Christmas.