5 Reasons Why Chicago Cubs Fans Are Winning At Life

HEY CHICAGO, WHAT DO YOU SAY?  As baseball season starts, so do the feuds that have been waiting to happen all year. People have always viewed us Cubs fans as crazy. After all, how could we have endless support and hope for a team that has struggled pretty hard in recent years? Because of our determination, love and compassion for the Cubbies, our time has finally come. The hype this year is real and the Cubs have proven it thus far. Not only were the Cubs 2-0 for the first time since 1995, but also even after the loss of one of their elite players Kyle Schwarber due to an ACL injury, they have still managed to keep the W flag flying. Regardless of past years, do not underestimate the Cubs and what they are capable of. Even though things are looking up for us Cubs fans this season, the struggles we pushed through are part of what makes Cubs fans the best of the best.  Here are five reasons why Cubs fans are winning at life!


1. We are loyal and have endless faith in our team.

Even when the Cubs weren’t playing too well, we loved them anyways! Though there may be a lot of bandwagon fans this year, there is a solid amount of true and constant Cubs fans that have been there through the ups and downs. What better support system than a group who stands by their team regardless of the number on the scoreboard?  


2. We are respectful and classy.

Not only do the players on the Cubs have mad respect for their fans, but they also have respect for each other. Many of us were sad to see Starlin Castro get traded to the New York Yankees this season, but the Cubs made sure that even though he may be gone, he is NOT forgotten. Chicago Cub Anthony Rizzo honored Castro by using his old walk up song for the Cubs home opener at Wrigley. Cubs fans were also devastated after Kyle Schwarber tore his ACL and was declared out for the season.  However, the Cubs paid a wonderful and respectful tribute in honor of him.  


3. We specialize in home runs.

The Cubs have all around talent, but MAN CAN THEY HIT! Not to mention, Kris Bryant had more home runs in his first season (26) than his age at the time (24).  No big deal.  


4. Bryzzo is without a doubt the most attractive dynamic duo in the MLB.

As if the talent of the Cubs wasn’t enough, they aren’t too hard on the eyes either.  Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo have stolen the hearts of Chicago in the blink of an eye. To make matters even better, the two are best friends. Even your boyfriend is low key attracted to them. You don’t even have to be a Cubs fan to appreciate this MLB eye candy.


5. We are a good time.

Attend a game at Wrigley Field and you will not be let down. Fans old and young come out for the time of their lives. Take one look at us fans and it is obvious that we are Cubs fans until the day we die; it is installed in us.


So if you weren’t already a Cubs fan, how about now? But then again, not everyone gets the privilege to cheer for one of the greatest teams in the MLB. Be sure to tip your hat to your favorite Cubs fan next time you see them and don’t expect us to be anything less than hyped in 2016. After all, we can’t keep calm; we are Cubs fans.  Remember to stay humble and FLY THE W!