5 Reasons to see Little

Fantasy/Comedy Little has just hit theaters. I rushed to the movie theater to support black business and I was very pleased with what I saw. I get that some may need a reason as to why they should go see a movie, so here are 5 reasons why you should go see this hilarious film.

1) The opposite of Big 

If you enjoyed Tom Hanks’ Big, then you will love this modern day flip to a classic plot. Mean and overbearing boss Jordan Sanders (Regina Hall) is transformed back into her 13-year old self (Marsai Martin). Her assistant April (Issa Rae) must help her switch back. We have seen this classic ‘going back in age’ theme in 17 again and 13 going on 30, but this film makes it inclusive to all generations. 

2) Starring a triple star cast 

HBO’s Insecure creator Issa Rae, Actress Regina Hall, and actress/producer Marsai Martin shine in this film. The three women are hilarious and have great chemistry. It is always a good feeling to see women of color as leads in a film.

3) Eye candy

If no other reason has got you to rush to the theaters, maybe seeing Luke James’ body will. Singer and actor Luke James co-stars in the film as Jordan’s love interest. Luke left little to the imagination as he gave a strip tease in the film.

4) Marsai Martin is making history

Marsai Martin is the executive producer of the film. At just 14 years old, Marsai is the youngest person to executive produce a film and sign a first-look production deal at universal studios. Her very own production company, Genius Productions, has another movie on the way called Step Monster.

5) Looks that kill

The fashion choices in this film were on point! I loved the bright colors and bold fabric choices that were picked to show just how bold, bossy and attention seeking the main character Jordan is. Costume designer Danielle Hollowell is responsible for these vibrant looks. Hollowell has styled wardrobe for movies like Roll Bounce, Girls Trip, and The Best Man.

As a woman of color, I felt very happy to see a movie with an almost all black cast. For decades, there has always been a lack of diversity on the big screen. Representation is so important, especially for young girls who identify with the characters portrayed in the film. In order for hollywood to keep producing movies with more representation, we have to support the films. Go see Little in theaters now!