5 Reasons to Love Netflix’s New Show: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina



Netflix recently released season one of the long -waited show, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, which if you haven't heard by now, is a modern spin-off of the beloved 90’s sitcom Sabrina The Teenage Witch. In this dark, gruesome, and most definitely not family-friendly twist, we get to see a young Sabrina Spellman struggle to decide whether to follow her family’s wishes and fully become a witch, or stay in the mortal world and live a normal life with her celestial friends and boyfriend. Kiernan Shipka absolutely kills it as a rebellious traveler between the witch world and the mortal world. 


Because of my love for scary teen angsty TV shows, I decided to give it a chance. The next thing I knew I finished the whole season within two days (sorry, not sorry!). Here are my top five reasons to love The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.



  1. Crossover With Riverdale  

You may notice throughout the show they mention the town next to them, Riverdale, several times. Riverdale, which is another popular Netflix show, was also originally based on a comic book series in which characters from Riverdale and Sabrina The Teenage Witch would interact together. This fun easter egg even has some fans speculating if there will be an episode crossover in the next season. 





2.   The Outfits 

Along with some stellar acting, the characters in the show have remarkable style. From the dark lipstick, to the witches’ fashionable school uniforms and ALL of Sabrina’s sweaters, you're sure to find some great fall fashion inspiration. 




3. Sabrina’s Angst 

You can’t help but be slightly humored at all of the times Sabrina puts her or her friends and family in danger because of her overdramatic, angsty teen attitude. Her teen attitude causes her to go against EVERYTHING everyone tells her to do, and gets her into some nerve-racking predicaments. From trying to bring back her boyfriend’s dead brother (and failing) to almost killing her entire town, she just doesn't get that she should probably start listening to her aunts, but it makes for good entertainment! 




4. A unique twist from the original series

Netflix’s new series includes many aspects from the original sitcom show and comic books such as Sabrina’s love interest Harvey Kinkle, played by Ross Lynch. Her two aunts Zelda and Hilda are an ever-present reminder that everyone (even witches) need guidance. Salem the cat is more of a throwback figure than a character of any meaning. The show is unique in the fact that it takes a darker approach, which puts it into the horror genre. Still, it incorporates a few moments of lightheartedness. 



5. All the frights and scares you need! 

This spooky spinoff will leave you covering your eyes or screaming out loud with some of the spine chilling and eerie scenes! They definitely didn't hold back when deciding how scary to make this series and there is plenty of gore and devilish monsters. If you're expecting the same old family friendly Sabrina Spellman, you are in for a shock! 





So for all the horror junkies or Riverdale fans out there, “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” is the perfect new show to binge. Between the stylish witch outfits, frightening scenes, and interesting new take on an old show, you might just be able to finish it faster than me!