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Christmas time is right around the corner so what better time to go gift shopping! With Covid having taken over more than half of 2020, I know that money might be a little tight this year. Here are 5 gift ideas that will cost you less than $20:

Hopefully this gave you a little clarity as to what to get those certain people for the holidays. If all else fails, you can never go wrong with a gift card. 

Spotify Bracelet 

I found these bracelets on Instagram recently and I think they are such a cute idea! All you do is send the creators your favorite song from Spotify, and they put the scannable wavelength onto an acrylic block. The block then gets put onto a wrist tie that you can also customize the color of! 

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Stickers are always a great and easy gift to give. I’ve seen a lot of small Instagram businesses lately that have been advertising their new sticker collections. You could support these awesome small businesses, or go with what you know and find some cute sticker packs on Amazon, either way, you’ve got an adorable little gift right there.

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Faceless Portraits 

I know that these sound kind of scary, but this style of drawing or painting was all the rage a few months ago. I personally have been making a lot of these lately with the app “Painter.” With this app, you can upload photos and then draw over the photos with different types of tools. These portraits are definitely very easy to make and also make for a very personal gift.

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Among Us Plush 

This one is one of my favorite ones on the list. For only $10, you can get an Among Us crewmate plushie! They look super soft, are a pretty decent size and also come in many different colors. This would be a great gift for any person you know that loves to play or watch Among Us.

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Glass Spotify Song Plaque 

I have literally seen these all over TikTok recently, so I know that these would be an awesome gift to give. Personally I think making them would be easier, cheaper and more fun than just paying someone on Etsy to make for you. All you really need is a printed out picture of literally whatever you want, white paint and a piece of glass (I suggest going to the dollar store and grabbing a few 8×10 frames and just using the glass from those!).

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