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5 Pretty Basic Netflix Shows That Are Worth The Watch

We all know that feeling of logging onto Netflix and either having nothing to watch or going back to the same show or movie that we’ve already watched a billion times over. I know I always do this and at first, I never wanted to branch out and watch something that wasn't The Office or Hush. Although these five different shows are pretty basic and you might have already told yourself that you’re not going to fall down their deep rabbit holes, they’re pretty good in their own ways and have a lot of content that could keep you busy for days. 


5) Fuller House 

With three seasons and roughly 13-18 30 minute episodes per season, Fuller House is a cute family oriented show that closely follows its predecessor Full House. The show follows around DJ Tanner-Fuller as she works to take care of her three boys with the help of her sister Stephanie and best friend Kimmy, much like Danny’s case in Full House. Fuller House has gotten some backlash for being too corny and too much like the original show, but I found it to be very charming and very funny at some points. While nothing can replace the greatness that was Full House, Fuller House is definitely a show that you should give a chance. 


4) 13 Reasons Why 

13 Reasons Why is one of those shows that you either binge watched the day it came out or you never watched it all. For those of you who never watched it, I highly recommend doing so. The show has two seasons with 13 episodes in each season each about an hour long. It is a very serious show that follows around a young high school boy after the death of a girl that he secretly loved. The show focuses on the aftermath of suicide and what it does to the people around the victim. Most of the episodes if not all are very serious and so if you’re looking for a comedy, this show isn’t for you. 


3) Orange is the New Black 

Definitely a rated R type of show, but still amazing. It can be a little confusing to watch and the fact that you have to wait a whole year for a new season to come out is rough but other than that OITNB is at the top of my go-to list. There are so many characters that you as the viewer get introduced to and so there are a lot of stories that are told. The show is based around a young woman named Piper Chapman as she gets sent to prison for crimes she committed years ago. The show has 6 seasons with 13 episodes per season. Each episode is between an hour to an hour and a half. The show is very entertaining and has a lot of adult humor in it. 


2) Stranger Things 

Stranger Things is by far one of the best shows that Netflix has ever put out. At first, I was a little skeptical about watching it and even at the beginning it was a little confusing to understand what they were doing and what the point of the show was, but eventually it turned into a show that I can’t stop re watching. The show follows around a group of four boys who learn and discover the hidden secrets of their town. There are two seasons each with about 8-9 hour long episodes. I highly recommend watching if you love teenage humor and weird looking alien creatures. 


1) Riverdale 

Easily my favorite Netflix show even if it didn’t technically start on Netflix. I first discovered Riverdale while browsing through Netflix with my boyfriend and ever since then I’ve been absolutely obsessed. The show is a murder mystery following the death of Riverdale resident Jason Blossom. The show is also based on the Archie comic characters. It’s a new spin on the comics which I love considering I grew up reading them with my parents. The show has two seasons with 13-22 episodes per season. Each episode is about 45 minutes to an hour long. 


While each of these shows are pretty basic and you’ve probably either have watched them all or never even bothered to click on them, I highly suggest watching at least one of these amazing shows.

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