5 Must Have Items for Traveling




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If it seems like no matter what you do traveling is NEVER simple, then you are in the right place! Over my years of traveling I’ve tried MANYYY different things to make my plane ride easy and I’m here to share those 5 must have items!

1. Headphones 

Headphones are an absolute MUST when traveling! Whether you use them for music or to watch a movie they help tune out any screaming babies and make the flight “fly” by, pun intended!

2. Chargers 

It’s always super important to have chargers for all your devices while traveling. You don’t want to be stuck in a situation where your flight gets delayed for hours, or even canceled and have no charger. If you forget a charger and have to buy one at the airport it can be crazy expensive, so always be prepared and carry your own!

3. Snacks 

If you are anything like me and enjoy munching on something while watching a movie or just at any time, then snacks are great! Some airlines will provide you with a small free snack, but most of the time that doesn’t cut it, and being hungry on a plane is the WORST. I usually bring some type of granola bar or pretzels and then a sweet. It’s always better to have options than to have nothing!


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4. Hand sanitizer/Lotion 

Since I’m a little bit of a germ freak, and airports/planes can get germy I always carry hand sanitizer. In combination with that, my hands do tend to get to get dry, so lotion is also an essential. For some reason when I pull out that combo everyone around me asks for some, so I can’t be the only germ freak right?

5. Gum 

For many people, your ears will pop on planes and gum helps with that, so it’s always important to have it! Plus, who doesn’t like gum in general? I know I’m always chewing it. I know traveling isn’t always the best, but with these 5 must haves I hope your experience can improve. If anything, you won’t be hungry and will always have fresh breath!(: