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5 Killer and Comfy Outfits for Any College Girl

Let’s face it, what girl doesn’t love being stylish while also feeling comfortable! Girls love their leggings, baggy shirts, sweatpants or just anything cozy, really. What a person wears says a lot about their personality and what makes them unique. But TBH, we get lazy sometimes and end up in sweats. There are endless possibilities between comfort and style but just in case you get stuck, we have you covered. Here are some of our fav killer and comfy outfits for any college girl.

  1. Messy Morning

Love a good graphic tee?  Well this iconic look features a straight leg pair of jeans, a long cardigan, flats, and of course a graphic tee! This look is perfect for the girl that loves a graphic tee almost as much as she loves her morning coffee!


  1. Don’t Sweat It

Too tired to try? Well this outfit features a pair of grey sweatpants, white sneakers, a baggy sweater and a watch just to spice it up a little. This outfit combines urban comfort with just a hint of sophistication that is perfect for any college girl on the go.


  1. Streetwear Don’t Care

Who doesn’t love a good pair of joggers, am I right or am I right? Well this outfit features all the essentials: a pair of classic white sneakers, joggers, a loose T shirt and an adorable cardigan!

  1. Heartbreaker

A black bomber jacket is a must for any badass girl. So why not combine that with some comfort! This heartbreaker outfit features a black bomber jacket, ripped jeggings, white converse and a cozy sweater underneath.


  1. Throwback/ Throw it on

Who doesn’t love a retro moment?? Well if you are like me you are obsessed with anything retro and vintage! This outfit is perfect for someone who seeks something old school but still wants that comfort. This outfit features a pair of classic adidas, jeans, any T shirt and an old school retro green jacket.


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