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Do you ever want to write, but do not know what to write about? Because, SAME! Here I present 5 topics that seem to be so simple, but will help you get to know yourself better. Answer these questions honestly and give yourself a lot of time to answer! Another fun thing to do with these topics would be to answer now, and then answer again in 2-3 years!

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1. Who are you?

This is such a simple question that can be answered in so many ways. This question will get you thinking about your personality, habits, and actions rather than the statistics in your life. Answer this in the least possible simple way! There is no right way to answer. 


2. What things do you wish you did for yourself more often?

Being in college we often forget about doing the simple things for ourselves to boost our dopamine. This can be anything from jumping out of bed and drinking tea right in the morning to letting yourself go to bed 30 minutes earlier. List things that you often forget to do for yourself. 


3. What are 10 things you’re thankful for today?

It is easy to be pessimistic so taking 5 minutes to be a little more appreciative can truly change your whole outlook. Write down things so little as fall leaves or big things, like family or friends. 


4. What are some goals you have for yourself?

Listing goals can give yourself motivation. Sometimes it is hard to push yourself so being able to write it down and see it on paper can help you feel more obligated to take action. 


5. What makes you a good friend?

One thing we all do often is pick at ourselves. It can be refreshing to sit down and pick out the good things that you do, and start to appreciate yourself.


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