5 On-The-Go Hairstyles To Get You Through The Week

Ok ladies--grab your combs and your brushes, you will need them. With finals coming up, hair will start to become less of a problem. Whether you have that 8 A.M. final or you just want something quick and easy to do. Anyone can try these styles as they are super convenient and will hopefully take some of that stress off during those late night study sessions.

1. Top Bun

This is probably the most common one out of all of them. Buns are always in style whether you put it up while it’s fresh or if your hair has been bothering you all day. Almost everyone has tried this hairstyle because it’s super cute!

2. Wash n Go


Honestly this style never works for me, but trust me, if it did, I would wear it all the time. Wash n Go’s can be a pain, but when it's done right, you just literally wash it and go.

3. Half up half down 

This style is very simple and classy. If you’re tired of just wearing it in a bun or straight--well you can do both! 

 4. Ponytail to the back


Ponytails are super convenient and quick. There isn’t much versatility, but it will definitely keep your hair out the way when you want it to. You can also throw on a cute hat to add to your look if you want.

5. Two braids to the back

If none of these styles work for you, you can try braiding the front in two braids and then let your hair fall in the back. This style is a bit more dressier but it also does not take any longer than 15 minutes.


I hope these styles work for you just as much as they work for me!