4 Women of Color Owned Small Businesses to Check Out During This Holiday Season

While the holiday season is usually a time to gather, there’s still a pandemic going on. There’s no reason for you to be shopping in person for non essential items. But don’t worry, small business owners have made giving so convenient this holiday season by allowing us to buy from the comfort of our homes! Women Owned Small Businesses work so hard and need our support now more than ever. Here are 4 of the many that you need to have on your christmas list! 

  1. 1. 3rdEyeView

    3rdEyeView is a Black owned business based in Texas. The business sells eyewear including sunglasses, readers and blue light lens’. I love this brand because the glasses are so cute and affordable! I’ve already put the styles “YeYo”, “Floyd” and “Jynx” on my Christmas list!

  2. 2. BBB Lashes 

    BBB Lashes is a Hispanic owned business based in Chicago. The business sells 100% mink lashes, scrunchies and lip gloss at affordable prices. I love this brand because the packaging is so cute, they’re professional and ship quickly! This brand is the perfect gift for someone that loves to get cute! BOSS BABE are my favorite lashes from the brand!

  3. 3. Five Seven Lit

    Five Seven Lit is a Black Owned business based in Chicago. The business sells Candles, Affirmation cards and more. I love this wellness brand because it’s mine! Some of our best selling Candles this season are Adore, Believe, and Celebrate. Our Holiday collection has wooden wicks that gives you the sound of a cozy lit fireplace! They make the best stocking stuffers. This brand is perfect for any demographic!

  4. 4. MIITRA

    MIITRA is a Black owned business based in New York. The luxury brand sells silk scarves and other accessories. The scarves are printed in Italy and of high quality. I look forward to purchasing their “DAWN SILK SCARF”! This is the perfect gift for a loved one who enjoys luxury or yourself! 

As Women of Color, there are a lot of struggles and obstacles that minority owners face. In these times of uncertainty, your support means everything. Whether you purchase, follow, like, comment or share, you can let them know that you support them. It’s up to our community to continue to support these amazing women owned businesses!