33 Thoughts Every Girl Had During Katy Perry's Halftime Show

1. What is she standing on?

2. OHHHH a tiger like "I got the eye of the tiger"! 

3. Do you see those guys moving the legs of the tiger?!

4. Okay that roar was cool.

5. The floor moving around is freaking me out.

6. Is that... LENNY KRAVITZ? Thought his career ended in the Hunger Games.

7. But I really like this "I Kissed a Girl" remix.

8. AW "Teenage Dream" makes me so happy.

9. Hahaha those dancing sharks are also singing.

10. Is she lip syncing?

11. She has to be.

12. Okay maybe not but maybe a little. It doesn't matter because I still love her.

13. OMG another guest appearance who could it possibly be?!

14. No... NO WAY is that MISSY ELLIOT?!?!

15.  Wow holy throwback this is more random than Lenny Kravitz

16. AW Katy looks so cute in that oversized jacket.

17. Ugh Missy Elliot is so underrated, what ever happened to her?!

18. They should tour together, I'd totally go to that.

19. How old is Missy Elliot?

20. No way, shes 43? It's okay Missy I feel old now too.

21. Firework?! Yes best song for last.

22. Isn't she scared standing on that...?

23. Wow actual fireworks during firework.. Could that be anymore perfect?

24. Okay, so Katy Perry is perfect.

25. I'm so jealous of her life.

26. I bet so many people are going to make her their Woman Crush Wednesday.

27. Whoever performs next year has so much to top.

28. How much are tickets to the Super Bowl?

29. Or maybe just the performance part, is that possible?

31. But wait a second... Can we go back to the fact Missy Elliot just performed at the Super Bowl?

32. I wish Snoop Dog or Juicy J came out.

33. Well...back to boring part...the actual game.