3 Series Coming Out in October

October is finally here, and it marks the beginning of the best time of year. October is also the time of the year when networks start dishing out their new series or seasons of shows. Here are the three most hyped series that are coming out this month. 

1) Riverdale 

Season 4 of Riverdale is set to premiere on October 9th. Following the interesting and dare I say unusual events of season 3, season 4 explores the core four’s experience through senior year of high school. With the sudden passing of Riverdale star Luke Perry (Fred Andrews), the first episode of the season is set to be a memoriam for the actor and his role. 

2) The Walking Dead 

Season 10 of AMC’s The Walking Dead is scheduled to premiere on Sunday, October 6th. This is the first full season without main character Rick Grimes and honestly, the hype has been up ever since the trailer for this season came out. No one seems to be missing Rick that much and life with the Whisperers is getting more intense by the day. Also for all you Walking Dead fans, the first Rick Grimes movie is set to start filming later this November!  

3) Shane Dawson & Jeffree Star series 

Even though this isn’t an actual TV show, this new YouTube series has been getting a lot of hype recently. Over the past year or so, YouTube star Shane Dawson has been taking time to create different series that are like YouTube movies. In the past, he’s done things like exploring Tanacon and looking into the lives of people like Jake Paul and Jeffree Star. This most recent series is premiering October 1st and will be 1 of 9 parts. The series is again revolving around famous beauty YouTuber Jeffree Star and the beauty industry. 


There are definitely a lot more TV shows or movies that are coming out in the near future that people are excited about. These were just the top 3 that I personally am interested in and the ones that I have seen on social media getting promoted a lot