3 Neutral Pink Nail Colors

Picking out your nail color at a salon can sometimes be a challenge.


This challenge is especially difficult with knowing this color is going to hang around you for a few weeks. I have found that when in doubt, neutral pinks are the perfect go-to. Neutral pinks are feminine, light, and go with practically every outfit. I highly recommend diving into the no chip and dip nail world if you have not already, it is a total game changer. Not only does it last a lot longer;  it acts like a shield to your nails allowing them to grow longer.

 Here are a couple beautiful shades that will never let you down!


OPI Mod About You

OPI's Mod About You is a fan favorite and is a go-to for many. The shade is what I like to call, "the perfect pink". This millenial pink shade will go with every outfit and although pink, remains on the neutral/pastel side.

OPI Let's Be Friends

OPI's Let's Be Friends is a shade out of the Hello Kitty line. This color is on the border of white and pink, which makes it a super light and pretty shade.

OPI I Theodora You

OPI's I Theodora You is a clear with a tint of pink and white, making it the ultimate neutral. If you want to go very natural without going completely clear, try this color out.

The shades above may seem extremely similar, however cycling through these helps with not feeling like you get the same exact shade every time.

Enjoy, and don't forget to take your hair, skin and nail gummies for extra strong claws!