27 Things I wish I knew as a Freshman


As freshman year of college rolls around you most likely still have senioritis from high school but it is basically like starting the cycle over again. You are now “fresh meat” as they call it. So buckle up because your first year of college is a roller coaster. Here are a few things I wish I knew when I was a freshman…


1.     Don’t take advice from sophomores, they’re just as naïve as you.

2.     Wearing your lanyard around your neck isn’t cool; it actually puts a giant target on your back.

3.     The same goes for ISU gear. I know the first thing you want to do is buy a whole new wardrobe consisting of hoodies, T-shirts, shorts, car decals, foam fingers, hats, I could go on for hours. But you might as well write FRESHMAN across your forehead. Get one T-shirt maybe even a hoodie and call it a day.


4.     Take full advantage of the dining center despite how sick you might get of it. You are going to miss it especially if you cannot even make your own PB&J.

5.     Go to the Welcome Week events. You may think you’re “too cool” but I just went for the first time as a senior and LOVED IT. It’s a great place to meet people but more importantly, IT’S FREE (including gifts and food).

6.     Schroeder Hall, it’s pronounced “sch-ray-der” not “sch-roh-der”.

7.     If you live at Watterson DO NOT take the elevator to or from the first floor.

8.     Don’t talk about how much you miss high school and your “glory days” no one cares and college is 1,000 times better. You just don’t know it yet.

9.     In high school your motto everyday was probably “dress to impress”. In college it’s all about being comfortable. Don’t show up to class wearing a mini skirt and a crop top you will get made fun of.

10.  Student Health Services, you most likely know more than they do.

11.  Never stay in. You will regret it come junior year when you are slowly dying of a terrible case of FOMO. Get it out of your system while you can.

12.  Don’t order the subscription of care packages. It’s full of knock off candy and chips, tell your parents you’d rather have them make their own. It will make them feel special and you will get things you actually like to eat.

13.  Naps are your friend; nap hard, nap often. 

14.  If there is a black light there, you probably shouldn’t be there.

15.  If you do choose to wear ISU gear for the love of God please do not wear anything that says, “Spread the Red”.

16.  Wait until syllabus week to buy your books, you may not even need some of them.

17.  Speaking of syllabus week you are obligated to go out every single night. Have an 8a.m.? So does the rest of the freshman class, it is a great way to bond.

18.  If you can, always rent your books. When you purchase books most stores will say that they “buy them back” but a $115 book usually turns into a $3 cash return.

19.  DO NOT bring your backpack to a party. Cops know what’s in it and it isn’t cool.

20.  Squirrels…everywhere

21.  Go Greek! You have nothing to lose. You will either realize it’s not for you or you will become obsessed. Either way is fine.

22.  But whatever you do, don’t wear cargos.

23.  Put yourself out there; don’t stick to the same friend group from high school. College is about reinventing yourself and starting fresh. You will regret it if you don’t branch out.

24.  Go to MaryAnn’s at 2a.m., not 2p.m.

25.  DP is open till 3:30am on the weekends (you’re welcome).

26.  Pub II is always the answer. Unless it’s a Wednesday and you aren’t 21.

27.  Just don’t try getting into any bar other than Chaser’s until you are actually 21.


Good luck ;)