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21st Birthday Gift Ideas

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21st birthdays are known to be one of the best celebrations of your life. From your first legal purchase to taking a picture with the bouncer at a bar, the exhilaration of escaping the world of underage drinking is unforgettable. Although the memory of turning 21 is unforgettable, the night might be. Fortunately, you’ll always remember the loving friends you spent it with and the amazing gifts that they gave. In order to make the birthday girls’ birthday even more special, follow these five DIY gift ideas to enhance the celebration: 

Shot Book

A shot book is a scrapbook with pages that each of your friends makes for you. Each page means another shot; “S T F X” stands for shot, time, from, and the X is where the birthday girl marks her signature. These are usually given at the pre-game so she can take a shot with each one of her friends. Even though her birthday will come to an end, a shot book will last a lifetime.Don’t forget to dedicate a page to showcase all of her selfies. This page is typically called “The Selfie Shot” and your birthday girl takes this shot alone; she’s celebrating herself!

Learn how to make a shot book here: http://totalsororitymove.com/shot-books-a-documentation-of-legality/

Barbie Cake

This 21st birthday Barbie cake is extremely easy and hilarious to make. All you have to do is bake her favorite cake and buy a Barbie that looks like her. Place the Barbie in a “drunk” position and have sprinkles act as vomit. Not only will the birthday girl be obsessed, but quite surprised with how well you were able to foreshadow the ending of her night. 


Bedazzled Bottles

Whether her poison is Barefoot Moscoto or Jack Daniels, transform that bottle into a masterpiece!


You can hot glue plastic gems all over or use Mod Podge to soak it in glitter. Even though she’ll finish the bottle by the end of the night, it can still be used for decoration as a memory that she’ll never remember!

Booze Bouquet

A booze bouquet is one of the more popular gifts for someone’s 21st birthday. This bouquet lets you give the birthday girl an assortment of different flavors while presenting it in a cute way. It’s also a cheaper route because most shooters are only $1 each.

Learn how to make a booze bouquet here: http://www.drinkinginamerica.com/her-shot-diy-booze-bottle-bouquet/


Hangover Kit

After a long night of fishbowls and Fireball shots, there is nothing she’ll be more thankful for the next morning than a hangover kit! This kit is filled with every necessity to cure your hangover. This gift includes things such as Advil, eye drops, Gatorade, Pepto Bismol, mouthwash, and more. Although this gift won’t benefit her the night of her birthday, it’ll be her best friend the next day!



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