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2015 Halloween Recap As Told by Mean Girls

Due to evil professors and lack of sleep, you probably forgot about Halloween altogether and had a panic attack On October 29th when you realized you didn’t pick a costume yet

October 30th came around and you still have no idea what to wear


You considered just skipping Halloween altogether

But then you remembered that you’re in college and supposed to be fun

You probably gave up on your hopes of a creative costume and decide to go as a scantily dressed animal


You may have needed a little liquid courage to enter the freezing cold weather in your way too tiny outfit

Which got you and your friends start feelin’ a little loose

So you walked into the party like…


You were probably asked this question one thousand times

To which you replied…

You may have looked like this


But those mixis had you feelin’ like this

Four vodka crans in you decided to cheat on your diet


And it was all fun and games until your dad saw your pictures on Facebook

I'm just a sorority girl who drinks way too much coffee and has a passion for clothing I cannot afford.
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