20 Basic Girl Pet Peeves

Being a basic girl isn’t always easy. We have many struggles that we face throughout the day and sometimes they just push our buttons way too far. So, next time you see a basic girl in a bad mood, think of these 20 pet peeves she’s had to deal with and maybe you’ll find some sympathy for her.


1.    Fake uggs.

2.    When you get something monogrammed and the monogram is wrong.

3.    Stretched out leggings.

4.    Starbucks getting your order wrong.

5.    Starbucks spelling your name wrong on your cup, so you can't post it on social media.

6.    Having to go off campus to even get Starbucks.

7.    Not getting 100 likes on your Instagram post.

8.    When the person you're texting doesn't have their read receipt on.

9.    Or even worse, the person you're texting has green messages.

10.  When the product you want online is out of stock.

11.  When you get a stain on your PINK spirit jersey.

12.  Getting a scratch on your new Taylor Swift CD.

13.  When your boyfriend finds your “dream wedding” board on Pinterest.

14.  When someone is wearing the same thing as you in public.

15.  Finding the shoes you bought full price last week on sale.

16.  When people make fun of your inspirational quotes around your room.

17.  When someone puts their Instagram caption as the lyrics you were going to put on the caption of your next selfie.

18.  Photo bombers.

19.  Having to wait to wear the Michael Kors watch you just got because you need it sized.

20.  When it rains and you're not wearing your hunter boots.