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19 Times “Bob’s Burgers” Perfectly Described Your Life as a College Student

1. When you’ve been living off of dining center food for a month straight and finally get to eat out

This is also when you realize your food standards have dramatically lowered since starting college.

2. When you pull an all-nighter to finish a huge project you procrastinated on and start seeing things out of sleep-deprivation

3. When you really don’t want to go to class but you also don’t want to lose participation points

4. When you head back home for breaks and have to drive yourself everywhere again, and you’re not sure if you still remember how to drive

5. When the stress of college life really has you down but you’re trying to act like everything is okay

6.  When you meet someone attractive but you’re not sure how to sort out your feelings for them

7. When you sort out your feelings for them and realize you’re head over heels – and way in over your head

8. When you turn to food to relieve stress and realize it somehow just made things worse

9. When your roommate has a bad case of TMI

10. When your latest Netflix binge ends with you falling in love with a fictional character

And then comparing him with every guy you meet at school – but who could measure up to McDreamy?

11. When you have 3 essays due this week, 2 tests to study for, a research project coming up, and 150 pages to read by tomorrow and you’re convinced your life is over

12. When you come to terms with you are and choose to embrace and love yourself

13. When you’ve given up on trying to shave in your dorm’s showers and try to justify your hairiness in any way you can

14. When it’s time to start looking at apartments and you decide on some reasonable expectations

15. When you go out and you’re in denial about how much you actually drank

16. When your roommates just won’t go to sleep and you have an 8 a.m. the next day

17. When you thought you were over that guy who won’t text you back and then realize you’re really, really not

18. When finals week is approaching and you’re overwhelmed by all of the studying you have to do and all of the projects that are due by the end of the week

19. When you make it through another semester and want to toot your own horn but you’re trying to stay grounded

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Dania De La Hoya

Illinois State

Dania De La Hoya is a senior at Illinois State University double majoring in Journalism and French. She hopes to one day work for anything from a magazine to a newspaper to a TV station. Her biggest goal is to one day publish a fiction novel. When she is not writing or juggling three languages, she can be found binge-watching her latest obsession on Netflix, eating guacamole, or petting cute dogs. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @daniadelahoya.
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