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14 Thoughts You Probably Have at the Watterson Dining Center

If you have a meal plan, you are definitely aware of all of the ups and downs of dining at Watterson. Here are some thoughts that you have or probably will encounter on a typical day of attempting to get a meal at “Watty”:

  1.  “Oh no. Its 11:50 a.m. Rush hour. Must run.”
  2.  “Ugh… too late. The line is out the door. Guess I’ll wait.”
  3.  “I think I’m going to eat healthy today.”
  4.  “Wait, is it popcorn chicken day? Never mind.”
  5.  “This line is crazy. To wait a half-hour for popcorn chicken or just to get pizza…or Mexican… or both.”
  6.  “Eh never mind, I guess the gluten-free chicken looks kind of decent.”
  7.  “I am mentally claiming that piece of chicken. Please serve me that piece of chicken.”
  8.  “Why did they serve my gluten-free chicken in a bowl?”
  9.  “I’ve spotted mac and cheese. I need mac and cheese.”
  10.  “Did she just cut me?”
  11.  “This is a stingy serving of mac and cheese…”
  12.   “Oh no. Where am I going to sit?”
  13.   “YES he’s leaving that table. Must power walk before someone else claims it.”
  14. “Please don’t make eye contact with me while I’m chewing.” 

Dining at the jungle of hunger (that is the Watterson Dining Center) can be quite the experience at times. When in doubt, get it to go. 

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