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12 Times Rachel Green Slayed The Fashion Game

It’s no secret that Rachel Green is perhaps one of the most loved television fashionistas of all time. What’s not to love? From sassy to sweet, Rachel Green has given us style inspo even to this day. (NO we are still not on a break from these looks!)

1) Denim vests/jackets.








2) The denim A-line skirt.






3) Romper with sheer tights.






4) The bomber jacket.





5) Magenta corduroy dungarees.






6) Velvet slip dress layered over a sheer long sleeve.











7) Graphic Tees, graphic tee’s… and did I mention graphic tee’s?













8) Knee-high boots.








9) Flannel’s layered with a fitted leather jacket + a choker.









10) Hair Envy! Those perfect pigtail braids (and more graphic tee’s).









11) Fur jackets.








12) Neck ties + a sleek bob.

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