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11 Facts We Learned From Buzzfeed Star, Matt Bellassai’s ISU Visit

“Whine About It” host and People’s Choice Awards Favorite Social Media Star, Matt Bellassai, visited ISU’s Braden Auditorium this past Monday to do what he knows best, whine. The Buzzfeed star is known for his viral videos where he drinks an entire bottle of wine and proceeds to drunkenly complain about a specific topic, like “The Worst Things About Fall,” or “The Most Annoying Types Of Couples.” On stage, Bellassai was accompanied by ISU’s very own Communication professor, Jodi Hallsten. Professor Hallsten asked the star questions varying from what was the worst date he has been on, to how he would make America great again.

If you weren’t able to catch the hilarious social media star, here’s a recap of the night that left audience member’s cheeks sore and tears streaming down their face. WARNING: alcohol content is high.


1. Bellassai’s worst alcoholic drink he has had on his show “Whine About It” was when he filmed “The Worst Things About Fall,” and mixed hard apple cider with rum and called it “rum cider.” Bellassai replied, saying “it doesn’t actually exist, it tastes terrible, but I drank it all anyway.”

2. If Bellassai could be any type of wine he would be the jug of Carlo Rossi. “It’s like, ‘oh, you want some wine? Here’s an entire jug of wine.”

3. Bellassai’s college alcoholic beverage choices included Skol Vodka, which he described as being served in plastic bottles “that disintegrated if you didn’t drink them fast enough.”

4. The social media star is from Chicago and says he “grew up on beef sandwhiches and deep dish pizza.”

5. Bellassai ran for Student Body President at Northwestern University, where he attended undergraduate school. After losing the race, Bellassai focused his senior year on “getting more into the internet,” by creating a larger social media presence.

6. One of Bellassai’s writing pieces that grabbed Buzzfeed’s attention was his article on “Olympic Bootys.” He was hired, shortly after, as an intern to write comedy pieces.

7. His viral video “Whine About It” came from his personal blog, which had a segment called wine Wednesday where he complained about topics. He then combined the idea of his wine Wednesday with making a video to come up with “Whine About It.”

8. Bellassai is a fan of Kim Kardashian and their “empire.” He said if he had Kim Kardashian’s lighting every day, he would take nothing but nude selfies.

9. Bellassai has an old blog post where he describes in detail his planned wedding with Harry Styles.

10. He once had a confrontation with a squirrel in his Brooklyn apartment. Check out the full length story in his “The Worst Things About Fall” segment.

11. The “Whine About It” host does not have his own Wikipedia page…yet.

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