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10 Things For Single Girls To Do On Valentine’s Day


When walking into any convenience store the past month all you can see is that ray of pink shining from that dreaded Valentine’s Day aisle. The site of that is nauseating and almost makes you walk out of the store. As if it wasn’t bad enough, you are then reminded again about your current relationship status: SINGLE. It’s like Valentine’s Day comes and suddenly you question everything about life.

What is worse than Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day being on a Friday this year! If you think this means you’re forced to sit in your room, hugging your pillow pet and eating an insane amount of chocolate shaped hearts…. think again. Her Campus has 10 better ways to spend February 14th.

1. GET TOGETHER WITH YOUR GIRLFRIENDS! Okay, I know you feel “forever alone” but lets face it, you’re not. Even though it may seem like it, not ALL of your friends have boyfriends. Go out to dinner, drink wine, and talk about how much boys actually do suck. You’ll feel better, I promise.

2. Okay, okay, so wine isn’t doing the trick. I promise you pizza will. Order yourself a nice heart shaped pizza and dig in. All the problems in the world can be fixed with a little grease and cheese, right?

3. If we are really being honest here, a girl’s one true love is NOT a significant other, it’s her dog. Don’t have one at school? Not a problem, Skype him or her. A little Skype date with your pup will make everything better.


4. SPOIL YOURSELF! If you don’t have anyone to buy something for, why not spend a little money on yourself! Treat yourself to something nice (preferably something in a tiny blue box). 

5. Who doesn’t need a mani and pedi? Go out and get one!

6. Okay… so you want flowers, don’t we all. Who said it was wrong to buy them for yourself?

7. Still feeling sorry for your single self? Fine, curl up on the couch and watch a sappy love story that makes you believe in love again. (A movie based off of a Nicolas Sparks book should do the trick.)

8. Don’t feel like being sappy? Go to Redbox or sign into Netflix and watch some guy bashing movies instead.

9. Be grateful. Be grateful that you are a strong, independent, woman and you don’t need someone to wine and dine you to make you happy!

10.  OKAY, but seriously, Valentines Day is on a Friday. Go out and have a good time!

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