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10 Things That Are “So College”

When you’re in college, you often do things that would be totally socially unacceptable if you were at another point in your life.  We often refer to those things as being “so college”.  Here’s a list of top ten moments when you realize how “college” your life is.

1.   Ridiculously long Snapchat stories that you can laugh at the next morning with your friends.

2.   Sometimes you just have the urge to watch a whole season of a show on Netflix in one day… and then you do it with absolutely no shame.  

3.   Crying for no reason… Just because you can. 

4.   Mental breakdowns can be a part of your daily life when you realize that you are here for school, not just for fun.

5.   Falling asleep anywhere.  Literally ANYWHERE at any time.

6.   Going to the library with the initiative to be productive but then running into a table of your friends, socializing for a couple hours, and then leaving.

7.    Spending all of your money (even the money you don’t have) on takeout because of trying to avoid the dining center at all costs.

8.   You’re probably wearing the same outfit in class today that you did yesterday but you don’t feel bad because 70% of the people in your class are doing the same thing.

9.   Questionable decisions are a part of your everyday life.

10.   “YOLO” isn’t just a phrase, it’s an action.



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